5 Best Linktree Alternatives in 2021

Comparative of 5 top bio link services.

Posted by Emojizing on May 17, 2021

Linktree is currently one of the most popular bio link services available. Most social media users rely on Linktree as a way to quickly link to various websites and social media profiles with just a single click. However, Linktree is starting to face some strong competition from alternatives, and many of these could offer compelling features that you won’t find elsewhere.

So here are five of the most popular Linktree alternatives that you can use in 2021.


Emojizing is a newcomer in the bio link space that was founded in 2021 by Gauthier Piarrette. Despite how new the brand is, it’s already starting to make waves thanks to its unique approach to bio linking that utilizes emojis.

Emojizing creates unique shortened links for URLs by using the power of emojis. This strategy isn’t exactly new, but it’s been heavily underutilized in the past. There are a couple of examples of this, such as Coca-Cola using emoji web addresses in 2015 and GoDaddy offering emoji domains in 2016. Emojizing is looking to capitalize on this underrated use of emojis, making it a one-of-a-kind bio link service that is perfect for quirky brands and influencers that prefer something different to the regular Linktree URLs.

Another huge benefit of using Emojizing is that it gives your personal brand or business a lot more personality. During a time where 86% of shoppers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social media, it’s clear that we need to start imbuing our social media profiles with a bit more character that resonates with our audience. This helps to boost our marketing efforts and makes our brand a lot more relatable.

Completely personalized pages

Emojizing offers completely personalized pages for you to link your portfolio, show your creations, link to social profiles, articles, blogs, and other places. It’s extremely easy to customize these pages with the built-in tools, and there are simple settings that you can modify without needing any kind of web design knowledge or experience. The changes are reflected immediately and there is full support for both mobile and desktop pages.

Advanced analytics tools

Emojizing also provides a full suite of analytics tools that make it easy for you to check how well your links are doing, where your visitors are coming from, and also how many clicks you’re getting. The dashboard is clean and easy to use on a variety of platforms, and you can even manage multiple Emojizing links to make things easier for brands that have multiple bio links. There are even graphs to help visualize the data more easily. This is great for helping you understand your audience better, but it also provides valuable insights into how well your links are performing and where you should next focus on.

Pricing options

There’s a free plan available that lets you use most of Emojizing’s features. It’s plenty for anyone that is looking to create a single Emojizing link, and it gives you access to the most important features.

Upgrading to the premium plan costs just $2.99 a month and gives you access to more customization options, link scheduling, and also removes ads. You also get to host more projects, use custom domains, and add more bio link pages.

Lastly, the ultimate plan provides all of the above but adds in-depth statistics and analytics tools. Interestingly, it also provides API access which is perfect for developers who are looking to get the most out of Emojizing’s features.

If you’d like to learn more about Emojizing, check out the press release on Yahoo! Finance or visit the Emojizing website at https://emojizing.com.


Lnk.bio is a well-known alternative to Linktree that markets itself a little differently. Instead of just pushing itself as a bio link service, it actively advertises the control panel features which allows agencies to manage all of their influencers’ links from a single location. This is arguably one of the winning features of Lnk.bio and is why many influencers are switching away from Linktree.

Quick and easy to use

Lnk.bio is one of the easiest bio linking tool services to use. You simply tap on the social links you want to add, edit the information, submit the changes, and then you’re done. Customizing your Lnk.bio page is also really simple and it offers a range of excellent features that allow you to track stats, sync with Instagram, and even use external analytics pixels with the cheapest price plan. It’s one of the most elegant solutions to bio linking around today.

Perfect for agencies

One of the biggest draws to Lnk.bio is that it offers features designed specifically for managing multiple influencers. This support is why Lnk.bio has quickly become the go-to choice for major agencies that have multiple influencers under their name. You can access statistics at any time, manage links and URLs on the behalf of influencers, and this all starts at the low price of just $1.99 a month for up to 3 accounts.

Pricing options

Lnk.bio offers four pricing options for regular users.

Free provides you with a random URL and unlimited links.

Mini offers scheduled links, Instagram sync, tracking statistics, and analytics features for just $0.99 a month.

There’s also a Mini “one-time” offer that offers everything on the Mini tier, but at a one-time price of just $9.99.

Lastly, there’s the Unique tier at a one-time $24.99 cost per account. This removes the Lnk.bio logo from your profile and allows you to customize the colors and background image. It also gives you access to their Instagram post scheduler.

The great thing about Lnk.bio’s pricing options is that there are one-time options, meaning you don’t need to worry about a recurring monthly fee. This can be great for some influencers and brands since it’s less management to worry about. Unfortunately, locking customization options to the most expensive tier does strip away some of the value of the cheaper options.

For the agency pricing options, check out the dedicated page at https://lnk.bio/agency.

If you’d like to learn more about Lnk.bio, check out the website at https://lnk.bio/.


Linkfire is a unique bio linking service that is made specifically for music marketing. It allows you to promote new releases, merchandise, and even tickets with its specialized features. Thanks to this dedicated approach to the music industry, it’s made a name for itself and has managed to steal a lot of attention away from Linktree as the de facto bio linking service.

Features designed specifically for music marketing

The most enticing thing about using Linkfire is that it offers features made specifically for music marketing. For example, it supports services like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, YouTube, and even Ticketmaster. These landing pages are extremely easy to set up and they can be customized with different images and colors without the need for design or coding skills.

Full suite of analytics tools

Another great feature of Linkfire is the full suite of analytics tools that allow you to keep an eye on how your links are performing. This also helps you make better decisions with future marketing decisions. You get options for simple insights, but you can also delve deeper with their extensive reporting features.

Pricing options

Linkfire offers a free trial that lasts 7 days, allowing you to take advantage of both their Starter and Pro tiers with no credit card required.

The Starter tier costs $10 per month and features all of the basic features such as customization options, link insights, and streaming insights.

The Pro tier costs $25 per month and includes everything from the starter tier but adds customizable subdomains, custom stores, and multiple user licenses.

There are also team pricing plans that start from $50 per month and enterprise solutions that allow you to access the Linkfire API. For more business pricing details, check out their options at https://www.linkfire.com/pricing/pricing-business/.

Check out the Linkfire web page for more information at https://www.linkfire.com/.


Amplify.link has a strong mission to empower artists and creators. Their goal is to allow artists to engage with their audiences in a meaningful way while still ensuring they are paid and free to realize their creative potential. As a bio linking service, Amplify.link is similar to Linkfire in that it offers tools and services that are made for the music industry.

Incredible personalization potential

One of the biggest draws to Amplify.link is that it allows users to completely personalize their pages with different art, colors, descriptions, and links. Everyone’s Amplify.link page is different and you can really set a unique tone and mood by utilizing their expressive tools. It’s also extremely simple to use and requires no coding or design knowledge. There are even templates to help you get started and hundreds of fonts to choose from.

Unique features to engage with your audience

A unique feature of Amplify.link is the support for live streaming services as well. Live streaming has become an incredibly popular way to engage your audience, and the support that Amplify.link offers makes it easy for people to catch you when you’re live, even if you’re streaming to multiple platforms at once. In addition, the insights provided with their detailed analytics and tracking tools can make it easier for you to understand your audience on a deeper level.

Pricing options

Pricing options for Amplify.link couldn’t be easier.

There’s a free tier that offers most of the basic features such as unlimited link pages, about sections, embeds, basic analytics, and various release link types.

The Pro option costs $20 a month and supercharges your bio link pages with templates, custom service links, an integrated shop, custom subdomains, improved analytics support, and multiple artist profiles. There’s also a yearly discount available.

To learn more about Amplify.link, check out the website at https://amplify.link/.


Subscribe.to is one of those internet services that just makes sense. It offers a no-nonsense bio linking service with clean URLs, simple customization options, and a simple pricing structure. It differs from many of the other options on this list because it’s designed to help you get the most subscribers on your profiles, newsletters, and websites.

Customize your pages in seconds

Subscribe.to offers extremely simple and straightforward customization options. You can instantly add or remove links, change styles, and make colors different to match your preferences. The customization options aren’t as diverse as other bio link options we’ve discussed, but there’s no need considering how simple and straightforward Subscribe.to is designed to be.

Excellent support for newsletters and emails

Another unique feature of Subscribe.to is the ability to quickly and easily collect emails through newsletter signups. This is great for helping your audience stay in touch with your content, and you can also utilize email marketing with great ease by syncing your email subscribers to other services like Mailchimp and Sendgrid. There’s also a simple export feature to get your list of subscribers so it can be imported into another system.

Pricing options

There’s a single one-time fee of $79 to use Subscribe.to. The lack of a subscription model is because Subscribe.to believes that there doesn’t need to be one. Features aren’t going to be constantly added for the sake of justifying a monthly fee, and they believe that the cost is plenty to justify their costs and provide them with a fair operating margin.

For more details, check out the website at https://subscribe.to/.


There are many different Linktree alternatives to use in 2021 and they each serve a different kind of purpose. Whether you go with the unique approach of Emojizing, the newsletter-focused Subscribe.to or the music features that come with Amplify and Linkfire, there are plenty of choices to pick from that will ultimately improve your presence and make it easy to share your social links.